10 Lessons Seminary Never Taught Me

I was reading a blog post by a pastor and seminary graduate that I couldn’t like and agree with more. He gave 10 lessons that Seminary never taught him. As someone that was in ministry and then went back to seminary, I had a unique perspective and was able to see a lot of these things in myself when I left Bible College. The zeal of young can be a wonderful strength, but it can also bring with it, complete arrogance and downright stupidity, both of which I was guilty of early in ministry.

Jeff Robinson in his post gives these 10 things he never learned in ministry. I will just summarize them here and for a more detailed and really well written version please read his full version here.

1. Ministry is war
2. My fictional church, was a fictional church.
3. Theological knowledge, does not equal pastoral maturity
4. Love surpasses knowledge
5. If I will become a useful instrument in God’s hand I must suffer.
6. Because of my western definition of success is worldly, it will bother me when attendance is low or they don’t respond well to my teaching.
7. I will often exhibit an acute fear of man.
8. Many people in my church will not like me, no matter how much I love them or treat them with kindness.
9. I will often be mystified and frustrated that my ministerial labors do not yield “product.”
10. My theological heroes didn’t have it easy either.