The Confederate Flag and the Christian

I recently wrote a post entitled, “Confronting Racism and Racial Injustice” that answers a much larger question than I’ll be dealing with here. Hopefully, it will give you some insight into my heart and mind as you read this. I want to address the issue of the Confederate flag and how a Christian should respond. Continue reading “The Confederate Flag and the Christian”


Confronting Racism & Racial Injustice

I don’t normally write or speak in church on these types of issues. However, with the sad and horrible events that have happened in the past months culminating in the shooting of 9 African-Americans. In a place that was chosen obviously because it was an extremely significant Church that has been a beacon for over a hundred years in the battle for racial justice. All of this, plus add to my frustration of the constant irritating and racist posts I see on social media regularly, I felt the need to speak up. In no way do I think I’ll answer every objection or question, but hopefully this will help some. Let me start with my own story. Continue reading “Confronting Racism & Racial Injustice”