Calvinism: Why Do Calvinists Follow a Man Instead of the Bible?

Part 1   Part 2

Today I want to address the often asked question, why do Calvinists follow a man (John Calvin) instead of the bible? This question is extremely important for evangelicals who believe in Sola Scriptura or Scripture Alone. If the scriptures are authoritative and sufficient why do we need to follow a man when we have the bible?
This question is important for evangelicals because the Scriptures are sufficient. However, this question is extremely flawed when it comes to studying the validity of Calvinism. I want to give you a few keys that may help you unlock the true answer to this question.

#1 – This f5odupfciaq-colin-careyquestion wrongly presupposes that Calvinists do not follow the bible. The person asking this question, in most cases, has no desire to have the Calvinist to simply believe the bible. The question is nothing more than an accusation that the Calvinist’s theology is inherently unbiblical.

#2 – Calvinists do not hold to Calvinism because of John Calvin. Although this is an easy straw man argument that non-Calvinists often use, Calvinists seek to be deeply biblical as they try to build a robust theology that aligns itself with the Scriptures. As we’ll see later in this series, Calvinism finds its conclusions not from John Calvin or any other man, but in their interpretation of the Scriptures.

#3 – A Christian’s beliefs on Calvinism/Arminianism and all of the positions that lay in between seek to be biblical. I often hear people who want to hold to a middle ground position say, “Well I’m just a biblicist.” This statement is eerily similar to the wrong presupposition that because someone’s conclusion on their study of the Scriptures differs from their own, they must be at odds with the Scriptures. Regardless of our conclusion on the issue of Calvinism, let us all as brothers and sisters in Christ, be humble enough to realize we all are seeking to honest with what we see in the text of scripture. And let us all be honest enough to admit that although we believe others to be wrong, they are still our brothers and sisters who simply differ are seeking to be faithful to God and His Word.


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